An interview with The Urbanist

Seattle punches far above its weight with a number of pro-housing urbanist journalists. Foremost among them is “the Urbanist”, a web site where a collection of volunteer contributors incessantly push our thinking on housing and related topics. 

While Seattle is a leader nationwide in our ability to add housing, we still are plagued by high costs and lengthy permitting times. Great Expectations have experience building affordable housing in both Seattle and our neighbor to the south, Tacoma.

This article highlights the difference between Seattle and Tacoma, and explains why many residents and developers are looking to shift focus to the South Sound region.

Acer House covered by Capitol Hill Seattle

We were very pleased to share our plans on Acer House with the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, a widely read local publication. Acer House is a collaboration with Urban Black LLC and the project in our portfolio we are most proud of. We are hoping to set a new standard for “equitable development”. Please read more below and at Acer House’s dedicated website:

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