The first month of 2024 has been marked by a series of activities on Cornus House, following the completion of the structure and the “topping out” milestone at the end of 2023. The building has been covered with scaffolding, windows installed on the North elevation and masonry on the East elevation. The next critical project milestone is to “dry in” the building, and for this purpose, the ice+water shield was placed on the roof decking during the first week of the month. As soon as the weather permits, the installation of the built up insulation and TPO roofing will proceed. Inside the building, the fire sprinkler and lighting rough in are finished up to L6. The metal stud framing is done up to L4, and the elevator penthouse and the related steel structure have been installed and approved. In the public right of way, the sewerline connection work has started, which connects the sewer from Cornus House to the sewer main. The full intersection is closed during the day, which required months of coordination to execute properly.

To express gratitude to the tradesmen and women who have worked over 40,000 hours without a lost time injury, the GC hosted a taco truck and a safety supply give-away.

The next upcoming project milestones include window installation and roofing completion.

Crossroads Apartments

After closing on the property at the end of December, the development team has been diligently working with the City of Bellevue, finalizing project assumptions & plans. Good progress has been made with the City, and we regularly meet with the various reviewers and building official. We were even invited to speak to the mayor about the challenges this project has overcome, and any improvements we suggest to the planning department, which could speed up delivery of affordable housing. The team expects a start of construction end of February, following the milestones below:

Permitting updates:

  • Building permits submitted 12/07, 1st round of comments received Jan 10 & 1st round of comments. responded to 1/30. Expect permit in hand 2/16.
  • Mechanical permits submitted 01/08, 1st round of comments received 1/18 and 1st round responded to 1/30.

Scope of work performed to date:

  • Demolition in the space commenced first of the year, removing the popcorn ceilings, unit carpeting, cabinets, countertops and acoustical tile in the corridors.
  • Landscaping will begin Friday, cleaning up the full property.
  • A design firm was hired to re-imagine the building lobby spaces, corridors, and portico entry.

As always, I am available for any questions, clarifications, or jobsite tours. Please feel free to reach out

Alec Thomas

Great Expectations