Investors Are Our Clients

We view our investors as valued clients, providing us the capital we need to achieve our mission. We never forget that we compete with a vast array of investment opportunities. We differentiate ourselves through:

  • Superior risk-adjusted returns

  • Social impact on the critical topics of housing and homelessness

  • World-class investor service, transparant reporting, and impeccible professionalism

Click the link below if you are an existing investor, or contact us to learn more about how to join us.

Investment Options

Our investments are generally structured as small Real Estate private equity syndications, on a project by project basis. We are regulated by the SEC and as such cannot conduct public marketing activities such as posting our offerings on our web site.

Below are the three types of investment offerings we provide. Please contact us for more information.

Opportunity Zone Developments

We are a developer of new housing in areas that have been designated as “Qualified Opportunity Zones”. These investments deliver needed affordable housing in diverse areas, but also offer investors compelling tax benefits.

Alcove Ballard

Targeted Acquisitions

We selectively target the acquisition of completed buildings where we find opportunities that match our mission and strategy. We do not acquire buildings with the objective of raising rents and displacing tenants.

Private Mortgage Borrowing

We work with trusted investors to place private loans with attractive interest rates, secured by our real estate or other assets. For our investors, this is a more lucrative alternative to bonds or CDs, and for us, it is a cost effective solution for short term financing. We generally use these funds to acquire sites we plan to develop.