We acquire completed buildings when we feel they can fit in to our mission and strategy. Most of our acquisitions are of recently built, small unit multifamily buildings in core urban areas. We do not do “rehab” acquisitions which result in rent increases and displacement.

Alcove NW

Fraxinus Latifolia

Alcove Northwest, 54-unit Eco-studio development in Portland

cornus house rendering

Fraxinus Dipetala

Alcove Hollywood, 54-unit Eco-studio development in Portland

Quercus House

Spring Park Flats, 43-unit Eco-studio development in Seattle

Salix House

Salix House

Westward Studios, a 17-unit Eco-housing development in West Seattle

West Seattle Studios

Larix House

West Seattle Studios, a 66-unit Eco-housing development in West Seattle

Alcove First Hill

Engelmannii House

Alcove First Hill, a 105-unit Eco-housing development in Seattle

cornus house rendering

Sitchensis House

Portage Bay Flats, a 75-unit Eco-housing development in University District

Luna Mia Apartments

Glauca House

Luna Mia Apartments, a 33-unit development in Capitol Hill

Muse Apartments

Omorika House

Muse Apartments, a 24-unit development in Capitol Hill

Alcove Ballard

Excelsa House

Alcove Ballard Apartments, a 43-unit Eco-housing development in Ballard

New Pacific Apartments

Plicata House

New Pacific Apartments, Belltown

    Columbia Apartments

    Sutchuensis House

    Columbia Apartments, Columbia City

      Westernaire Apartments

      Occidentalis House

      Westernaire Apartments, a 28-unit development in West Seattle