Betula House

Betula House is a mid-size development at the corner of 15th and Jefferson, near Seattle U and Swedish Cherry Hill. It is in the First Hill Urban Village and is steps from many amenities including restaurants, recreation and transit.

It will contain 50 units, designed for maximum livability and affordability. The primary unit type will be a small studio (SEDU), but there will also be 1- and 2- bedroom units. There will be two retail units, optimized for community businesses.

Betula was fully permitted as a 3-story structure. The project team went through a revision process to add a 4th floor with 10 additional units, as permitted under recent changes to Seattle’s zoning code. The project is currently under construction.


Project: 50 Units near Seattle U

Address: 355 15th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Completion: May 2023

Key Partners

Betula House is located across the street from Seattle University and the Swedish Cherry Hill medical campus

Betula House
Betula House

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