Tsuga House

Acer House has the specific goal of establishing a new standard of equitable, community-oriented development. It is an equitable development that is responsive to the cultural legacy of the Central Area and addresses immediate needs of the community.

Acer House will provide 107 residential units and 7 retail units, a restaurant and a childcare space, a community courtyard and porch, bringing ‘eyes’ to 23rd and Cherry and a rooftop food garden.

Acer House demonstrates that truly equitable, community focused development is possible. To this end, Acer House has made the following commitments:

  • Affordability: All units affordable below 100% AMI, and participation in MFTE and MHA
  • Zero displacement: All existing on-site retail and residential tenants offered affordable spaces
  • Anti-racist vendor selection: supporting minority and women-owned businesses
  • ‘Afro-futurist’ design theme: celebrating Black excellence in a way that is inclusive for all
  • Local wealth creation: equity partnerships with land-owners and local neighbors
  • SEED certification: Ensuring sustainability on social and environmental impacts
  • Project: Select planned boutique townhouse development center of Capitol Hill

    Location: 702 11th AVE E
    Seattle, WA 98112

    Devloper: Great Expectations LLC

    Completion: Fall 2024

    Key Partners

    deCOM & Associates

    Acer House is located at 2210 E Cherry St, in Seattle’s historic Central Area. It is across the street from the Garfield Super Block and is on the site of the former Cherry Hill Baptist Chuch.

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    Betula House

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